Organising with Trello

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016

On my quest to becoming more organised and productive, I’ve read about how awesome it is to use Trello. Not just for team collaborations but for individuals. The use of card sorting and organising lists appealed to me so the next logical step was to think how I could best use Trello productively. Was it for my Web Development work? blogging? or to organise everything else in my life!?

My lists currently consists of…

Trello Board

One main aspect why I also love using Trello is the syncing. Whether I have an idea and I’m no where near my computer and only have my phone, I can just add my idea onto my Trello app and later on when I use my computer, it gets synced to the desktop version.

To get you inspired, here are examples of how other Web Developers use Trello:

So if you are still thinking about how to get organised or wanting an app where you can dump and organise your thoughts and ideas, give Trello a shot.

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