I recently discovered after trying to import WordPress XML files for a customer that you can use xmllint (within the Command Line or iTerm) to check the validity of the files. The error message looked like this: Invalid XML on read in WXR_Large_File_Parser::__construct() for file:///nfs/6a2/156107206/files/2019/01/site-address-here.wordpress.2019-01-09.001.xml_-3.txt (size: 11335507) After a colleague suggested xmllint, I opened iTerm … Continue reading xmllint

How To Harden Your WordPress Website For Better Security

My latest blog post, "How To Harden Your WordPress Website For Better Security" was published by INKth.com last night. How To Harden A #Wordpress #Website For Better #Security https://t.co/G3gj8EzENS #InfoSec #WebTips via @AdelineYaw pic.twitter.com/uleKu1S3iQ— Hoi Sze Lam (@hoiszelam) January 5, 2016 //platform.twitter.com/widgets.js Thanks to Hoi-Sze Lam from INKth.com for the opportunity.

YeoPress Review

YeoPress: A Yeoman Generator for WordPress by Wesley Todd I won't go into too much detail to explain what YeoPress does but you can read more about it from the creator himself, Wesley Todd. YeoPress: A Yeoman Generator for WordPress, basically installs WordPress via the Command Line/Terminal. It's also assuming that you're working locally (which … Continue reading YeoPress Review