YeoPress Review

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

YeoPress: A Yeoman Generator for WordPress by Wesley Todd

I won’t go into too much detail to explain what YeoPress does but you can read more about it from the creator himself, Wesley Todd. YeoPress: A Yeoman Generator for WordPress, basically installs WordPress via the Command Line/Terminal. It’s also assuming that you’re working locally (which is a good start for developing WordPress themes). So you still need to create your database and you have to know what your database username and password will be (this is to set up your wp-config.php file) For example: Database Username: root, Database Password: empty). Be sure to check your database privileges for editing access too. The steps described by Wesley are easy to understand and the instructions set up are pretty straightforward.

npm install -g yo generator-wordpress

cd /path/to/wp

yo wordpress

There are even options to initialize in Git and the option to create a submodule folder (to avoid unwanted spammers/hackers messing with your wp-admin files and other important WordPress files). Another added security by obscurity is to set your Database tables prefix from _wp to something else. This too, can be configured in the YeoPress set up.

For more info on YeoPress, check out Wesley’s Github repo.

Update (23 May, 2014): While setting up Yeoman on a project I’m working on, it looks like the Yeoman website has the YeoPress generator as an option when installing. For example; after running the following:

npm install -g yo

Change directory to your project folder:


One of the options is:

Run the WordPress generator (1.4.2)

which is the YeoPress generator.

It’s just another way to use the YeoPress generator via the Yeoman website.

During my experimenting with YeoPress I chose the FoundationPress theme to download. YeoPress asks if you want to install a theme as part of the build as I wanted to use Foundation 5 (CSS Framework). And FoundationPress in my opinion, was as close to using the Foundation CSS Framework in WordPress. The theme was also using Grunt to run tasks such as Concat, Copy, Watch, Sass and Uglify. And Bower was also part of the theme’s build to get the latest version of packages (eg. Modernizr, jQuery, Sizzle and Foundation to name a few).

I will have to write a future blog post on reviewing WordPress starter themes, more so on CSS Frameworks such as Foundation and Bootstrap within WordPress.

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